Love Affair

This is all about me!


name-Deniz Painter


pets-my kitty, Koa


food-anything unhealthy

drink-iced tea

person-yo mama! j/p

actress-Drew Barrymore

actor-Nicoles Cage

birth place-Kona Hawaii



And that’s pretty much it. Want to know some more about me?

I’m Deniz, I like love to write. I also read a lot and I’m way into drama and choir. I am the oldest of three. It’s me, my sister (who’s 8.) and my brother (who’s 4.) My parents are still married, which is a big shock for most. I don’t have a boyfriend, yet. I love any kind of feed back, good or bad. My life is the mall and school. I have a fair amount of friends but most of them aren’t that close. My bestfriend is a guy, there’s less drama that way. I’m a good friend who will always stand by your side. I can always be there for you, (unless I’m grounded) and try to help as much as I can. That’s it for now.

Here are some links where you can get to know me better…



There yah go!


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